Disney Infinity (test shots)

This weekend I added a new item to the menu. Disney Infinity. These are actually figures intended for console games like Nintento or Playstation, I have used a few figures from this brand before for example in this post , but now I got a little larger collection of figures. The figures can not be positioned but only have one position, just like many other figures I used. For me, it’s not a problem, but I see it as a challenge to be able to take good toy photos anyway. What I focus on to make the pictures and figures more alive are angles, lights, details on the figures (eyes, facial expressions, and more) and using props in the image. Disney Infitnity figs differs from Funko, which are a little bigger in shape, and although Funko features details, there are finer details on Infinity figures. The person who inspired me to get some more of the Infinity figs was tfolgirl (Patricia a swede on Instagram that i follow).