Toy photography and Brussels

The weekend of September 13-15 is the time for Brussels’ annual Comic strip festival. It’s a fun event I visited in 2016. The festival is not really about toys. It is more about comic books and what is about that culture. But Brussels is much more than comics. You will find a variety of museums about and with all the figures that many of us use in our toy photos. To name a few famous characters we have Tintin, Lucky Luke and Smurfs. All from Belgium. The Hergés Museum is also located just outside of Brussels.

But back to Brussels and toy figures. There is also the MOOF Museum – Museum Of Original Figurines. A Museum with figurines. It sounds like a dream for a toy photographer. Now there are of course figures / figurines also at the other museums. Belgium knows how to pay tribute to its famous cartoon characters.


When I visited Brussels, as usual, I took the opportunity to buy some figures that I thought would be difficult to find at home in Sweden. I usually have plenty of space in my suitcase for this type of shopping. This time it was complemented by Asterix and Lucky Luke figures among others. Tintin figures are easy to obtain in Sweden and in Stockholm there is, among other things, the Sci Fi Bookstore in the Old Town, which has a good selection of most things related to books, comic books and more, including figures. I am not sure if I know of any toy photographer living in Brussels. Maybe I do? If so, please leave a comment. Personally, I would find it fun with a toy photo safari in Brussels. There are many exciting and beautiful environments for toy photo sessions.

Below are two pictures with figures I bought in Brussels. You can find more on the blog or on my Instagram.