Toy Photographers: The Seattle Interviews

In June (2018) I went to Paris on my first toy photo safari with the creative collective Stuck In Plastic. A very fun trip with new acquaintances, environments and toys. Toy photo safaris are regularly organized at different locations in the world. In this video of  Leila Chieko you can meet the participants from such a safari held in Seattle. A very interesting and well-made movie where you can meet toy photographers who tell. See it and book to join a toy photo safari.


Toy Photographers: The Seattle Interviews from Leila Chieko on Vimeo.

SiP Goes Paris (del 1)

For a few days I have been in Paris on a so-called ”toyphoto safari”. That is, a meeting with and for those of us who enjoy photographing toys, mainly figures and mainly Lego figures. We were about 20 people from Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Turkey and England, who met and had a good time. # SiPgoesParis2018 was the official hashtag for the event. SiP is a photo collective devoted to typo photography. I have been practicing toyphoto since 2009 so it is not a new area for me, but to go and meet other photographers with the same interest was something new and very exciting, but not least fun! In this post you will see some pictures from the first evening (Thursday, June 14) when we first met and this at a large LEGO store located at Châtelet les Halles, Center Georges Pompidou. But also some environmental pictures from the La Défense area near my hotel as well as pictures from the mingle evening we had.