May the 4th be with you Peter Mayhew

Today it is #StarWarsDay and I want to send a greeting to #petermayhew and his family. Peter made that Chewbacca became one of my great favorites in the #starwarsstory. Thanks for all the memories you have given us and your roar must be heard long and long among the galaxies! #RIP and #maythe4thbewithyou ❤️

Minions Galore!

Today I received a delivery with new figures from the Minions. Last year when I was in Barcelona I bought a couple of blind bags at the airport. I became so fond of the figures that had moving parts and that fit well with my LEGO. Therefore, I have tried to obtain additional figures and through the net I found a store that sold this type of figures. And yet they are here and I have been photographing completely without plan and in pure joy! 😀